Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She loved the everyday

A friend wants me to make her a angel for her birthday like the one I made before but two are not alike, I'm going to try different colors and some different textures and see which one to give.  Loving the process and all the different colors, the next one might not have so much color going on. will see what happens and what inspires me this week.

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  1. Hi Barbara! So nice to hear from you at my blog. The canvas you asked about started with tan and grey paints as the base, covered with a random watered down whitewash. Then I stamped words and images with staz-on ink, lots of times I use stencils and a stipple brush with a light color staz-on ink (that's the alphabet you see on that particular canvas). Then I use bubble wrap and white paint, and lots of rub ons. I took Christy Tomlinson's she art class - loved it! I see that you get her monthly kits! And I absolutely LOVE what you did with the Donna Downey online class! WOW! Have you ever heard of ATCs? You might enjoy those too! You can look at a website called "ATC's for All" and it is a very fun online community. I love it. Well, I hope to chat with you again sometime! Have a great day!